Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Terms and conditions stipulated below and amendments there to in the future shall govern and become reference issued by Rawco Marketing SPC Bahrain for all those using FOEZY, in their capacities of Vendors or buyers (hereinafter referred to as “User”) through Foezy program services available at cellular phone application or via website (hereinafter referred to as “FOEZY”).

By downloading, signing up, signing in and/or using services provided in Foezy, User is considered to have accepted, understood, acknowledged and agreed to comply with Foezy Terms and Conditions as specified hereunder and all amendments thereto in the future. Such Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment and/or revision at any time by Rawco Marketing SPC by means of making amendment in the column of these Terms and Conditions. User is expected to regularly read the column of Terms and Conditions available in Foezy. These terms and conditions shall be considered to serve as a valid agreement between FOEZY Company and User.


    Foezy serves as a medium to provide services for User for the purposes of:
  • Sales and purchase transactions among Users.
  • Delivery control and monitoring.
  • Making review on the services provided by FOEZY.

(hereinafter referred to as “Service”)

User acknowledges that in using FOEZY, he shall sign up and agree with the Terms and Conditions provided in this column. If a User does not agree with any or part or all of the Terms and Conditions, he shall not use the Services provided by FOEZY.

User Sign Up

  • User shall complete all details required by FOEZY before he can use the FOEZY Services.
  • Foezy management has absolute right, without having to give reasons, to accept or reject the User Sign Up.
  • If it is found in the future that User provides inaccurate, invalid or fraudulent details through FOEZY APP, FOEZY Management may suspend or terminate the User.


  • Every User who uses the FOEZY while marketing or providing goods for view or sales is called “Vendor or Seller”.
  • Vendor shall provide full and clear details of goods and goods’ quality in a reliable manner and input the details of goods offered for sale into the Foezy App.
  • Vendor shall inform the Foezy User of the quantity of stock in hand.
  • Vendor shall inform the Foezy User of delivery cost at the receipt of User’s order.
  • Vendor shall conscientiously represent and warrant that all goods offered via Foezy are compliant with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain. If the goods offered are found and suspected to violate the applicable laws, Rawco Marketing SPC reserves the right to suspend or terminate Seller’s account and/or initiate a claim against Seller for losses and damage sustained by Rawco marketing SPC.


  • Every User who uses FOEZY for the purposes of search, comparison and order of goods is called “Buyer”.
  • Buyer is granted right by FOEZY to:
    • Contact Seller via and with features provided by FOEZY.
    • Compare goods sold by Seller via FOEZY.
    • Order and receive goods agreed upon and in quantity and quality as promised by Vendor.
    • Obtain support from Foezy administrator in solving issues arising between Buyer and Vendor in the course of sale and purchase via Foezy.


  • Buyer may place order via FOEZY following sign up at and verified by FOEZY
  • Order may be placed by inserting descriptions of goods or trademarks of products listed in FOEZY
  • Buyer agrees to pay a total price specified at the end of order which price constitutes the price of goods including delivery cost.
  • Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Foezy shall be exempted from responsibility for the goods quality and condition and quantity of stock offered by Vendor. All of the information shall be at sole expense and on full account of Vendor in the FOEZY.
  • Foezy administrator may, but is not obliged to, give support to Buyer when dealing with any issues or disputes, including without limitations, the goods, delivery process, or any kind of dispute that may arise out between Buyer and Vendor in the Foezy.

Delivery and Receipt

  • Buyer shall hereby hold responsible for the accurate delivery address; Foezy shall be relieved from responsibility for any failure or negligence arising out in relation with delivery that results in Buyer failing to receive the goods.
  • Responsibility for the goods delivery shall fully rest on the Vendor, either during quality inspection, packaging, and delivery of goods to and until received by Buyer.
  • Foezy gives time to Vendor to make delivery as specified by Foezy. In the event that Vendor requires additional time for delivery, it shall notify the Buyer of delayed delivery which is to be fully agreed upon between Vendor and Buyer.
  • Buyer shall “confirm the receipt” soon after he has already received the goods so ordered. In the event of Buyer’s failure to confirm or make complaint on goods upon received within 1x24 hours from the delivery receipt sent by freight forwarder or Vendor, Buyer hereby authorizes Foezy to pay the amount to Vendor. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that soon after receipt of goods, he may not make a complaint on goods from which if anything undesired occurs after confirmation, it shall be at sole expense and on the account of Buyer.

Payment Method

  • Buyer shall use a method of payment available or to be provided in the future by FOEZY.
  • Mode of Payment available in the FOEZY is as follows:
    • Bank Transfer
  • FOEZY hereby represents that Buyer’s personal details upon transactions made are protected by laws so that payment made via FOEZY shall be adjusted with Bank’s transaction procedures.
  • FOEZY is hereby relieved from responsibility in the event of divulgence of data as result of Buyer’s negligence; FOEZY never requests for personal details relating to the mode payment.
  • FOEZY shall give support to the extent it is necessary and required by Buyer for the payment of transaction.

Return of Goods

  • FOEZY shall assist Buyer as necessary to make a complaint to the extent it complies with FOEZYs mechanisms and procedures.
  • FOEZY Administrator shall assist Buyer in making complaints against Vendor via chat features available in FOEZY
  • Return is possible if the following conditions are met:
    • Goods is received contradictory to the required quantity;
    • Goods is received in damaged condition; and/or
    • Goods delivered has lapsed its expiry date
  • Upon evidences shown by Buyer, Seller shall decide as follows:
    • Partial refund;
    • Total refund with return of goods; or
    • Substitution with the new one.
  • Buyer shall make available the following original evidences:
    • ORIGINAL payment receipt;
    • ORIGINAL order slip;
    • Statement of goods condition; and
    • Other evidences as supposedly required by FOEZY administrator

Price and Category

  • • Price included in or affixed to the FOEZY is at Seller’s full authority
  • • Goods category available at FOEZY shall be as follows:
    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Food Ingredients
    • Household Necessities
    • Body Care
  • Buyer may use chat features provided by Foezy to communicate with Vendor. Buyer shall not use the features to make bargaining, request for commission, conduct sales and purchase transactions which are not compatible with the goods category available at FOEZY.

Access & Security

  • User’s representation on use/access: User represents that all data and details given for signing up the FOEZY are accurate and valid in accordance with User’s personal details.
  • If anything undesired occurs in the future (including without limitation fraud, falsification, attempted deterioration of Foezys proper functions), Foezy may take actions and measures necessary to recover its losses and damage.
  • User who have lost or failed access to User’s account and/or it is perceived or properly suspected that User’s account is used unlawfully by another person may contact Foezy administrator via help menu to retrieve the User’s account. User hereby acknowledges and agrees that Foezy is relieved from responsibility for compensation for unauthorized use of and activities on the User’s account.
  • User shall keep strictly confidential all secrets or data relating to important information of User’s account.

Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability

  • User agrees that the use of Foezy shall be at User’s sole risk and Foezy hereby disclaims that technology adopted for the application is perfect and indefectible.
  • User shall hereby indemnify and hold Foezy harmless from any claims and/or demands or compensation that may be extended or incur in the future, including without limitations:
    • Price and stock availability
    • Delayed delivery
    • Losses attributable to User’s negligence while using the Foezy
    • Product quality and expiry date
    • Falsified trademark or product offered by Seller


  • These Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to and binding upon User, and be governed by and construed pursuant to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain. Any violation of part or whole of these Terms and Conditions shall be referred to and finally resolved by the courts of competent jurisdiction of the KSA or Bahrain.